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Spectacular colour  into this arid Utah desert by Guy Tal

"Every few years, for a few fleeting days, when conditions are just right, these otherwise arid lands burst into color with carpets of Scorpionweed and Beeplant." - Utah’s badlands"

The Badlands region in the American West is famous (or infamous) for its arid and unforgiving landscape, which is decorated by sharp and eroded spires of stone. If you catch it at just the right moment and in the right conditions, however, these apparent wastelands can give birth to an extraordinary explosion of color and life in the form of beautiful wildflowers.

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This summer, All Things Considered has been exploring what it means to be a man in America today — from a second look at popular notions of masculinity and men’s style, to attitudes toward women — and how all those ideas have shifted over time.

There are few people more acquainted with those shifts than David Granger. In 17 years as editor-in-chief of the men’s magazine Esquire, Granger hasn’t just had a front-row seat to changing notions of manhood in America — he has taken an active role in helping to define them. The magazine, which purports to cover “Man at His Best,” has done so for more than 80 years.

The Evolution Of The ‘Esquire’ Man, In 10 Revealing Covers

Photo Credit: Courtesy of Esquire

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